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           In  2002, Qingyuan Ruipeng Machine Tool Co.,Ltd  was established,  registered capital was 5 millions RMB, and, 8000 square meters for construction area.Ruipeng was located at No.14 zone,High-tech industry development district,Qingyuan City,Guangdong province,China.


      In 2002, Ruipeng Corp was made great efforts to work in the technologies from Switzerland and Japan, to research CNC turn and mill combinations machine(CNC automatic lathe) of Swiss style by Ruipeng Corp independent,Ruipeng Corp was hold the experiences on CNC turn and mill combinations machine with 10 years in China.

      In Mar,2007, Ruipeng Corp was certificated by ISO 9001:2000, and was certificated by Patent Bureau local on technologies patent special in Dec,2007, patent number: ZL2006 20155487.1

      In 2008, Ruipeng Corp was made the inspection standard of industries local for CNC turn and mill combinations machine(CNC automatic lathe) with Guangdong bureau supervision of Quality & Technology, inspection standard number is DB44/T 553.2-2008, then, this standard was published formally by Guangdong bureau supervision of Quality & Technology in this year.

      Until now, there're 100 more workers in Ruipeng Corp, thereinto, 26 technicians professional; 16 sets equipments of CNC turn and mill combinations center machine and CNC vertical mill center machine were imported from Austria to be machined metal components for Ruipeng's products(machine tool), also, inspection capability was included such as laser interferometer,CMM,optical projector…etc precision measurement equipments, and, all products(machine tool) need to be test by 148 items differental in the shop before final products delivered.

      Products from Ruipeng was achieved 4 axes simultaneous with 5 axis, suitable for machining with many more high-precision parts, and, with auto-feeder, can be achieved for multi-machine operation by one person so than can be satisfied general with requirements from automatic productions. Raw material of machined parts can be from stainless steel to multi-raw materials of Non-standard style, parts machined by products here was cover with automation, medical, optical(digital-camera), communications(mobile phone), components(automobile)…etc industries fields.

      With notion “People Oriented, Commit to High-end, Quality first” and with all Ruipeng's strength in company to build machine tool(CNC turn and mill combinations:lengthways-cutting style) of new generation and intellectual property rights independent under “Speed, High precision, Smart, environmental, Low cost”.

      Ruipeng Corp keep to service for all customers with stability and professional technologies all along.

      Welcome to contact and visit ! expect to cooperate with you sincerely and build the future fine with you together !

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